Feel warmly welcome at oomooi! How nice that you're here!

Olá, hoi and servus! I'm Katrin and the founder of oomooi. I discovered my love for special and beautiful things early on. Growing up in the Upper Austrian Salzkammergut, I ended up moving to Linz and going to an art school. The years in this school have shaped me for life and strengthened my love for design.



So I couldn't imagine a life without creative influences for a long time when I decided to study architecture. In my training and the subsequent working life, the focus was always on sustainable materials and a calm and timeless aesthetic.

Various projects in Austria and abroad introduced me to earth as a material which can be used in so many ways: from rammed earth walls to roof shingles, from printed tiles to tableware.

Last year the idea of oomooi finally solidified. On recurring trips to Portugal, I got to know and love the country and its people, the language, architecture and crafts. Because Portugal's rich handicraft heritage can still be felt today and is reflected in each of our products. In addition, the plates, bowls and mugs were just too beautiful not to be taken home and shared with the world.


And what does oomooi actually mean?

The name of my label is borrowed from the Dutch and Upper Austrian, as my partner Niels comes from beautiful Holland and I call the Salzkammergut my home.

In Dutch means mooi beautiful while in the Upper Austrian dialect mooi is an exclamation of delight.

Oh mooi - or oomooi, as we call it - is quite simply the feeling that we want to trigger in you when you hold our ceramics in your hands. It is the longing for summer, sun and sea that radiates from your dining table with our dishes, and the joy of looking at these beautiful things.


Image © Paulo Castro Photography