We pack plastic-free

Did you know that 4,8 to 12,7 million tons of plastic waste end up in our oceans every year? As a result, tens of thousands of animals die every year by mistaking the plastic for food or getting tangled in it. The environmentally harmful substances also find their way into the human food chain via fish that ingest the microplastic.




What is certain is that a lot of packaging is perfect superfluous and avoidable. Unfortunately, plastic is still by far the cheapest packaging material and is therefore often used. In many cases, however, if can be replaced without any problems - if one wants to.

That's why you won't find a scrap of plastic in our packages. We pack our products 100% with materials from renewable resources.


oomooi Versandbox Zitronen


We plant trees

One thing is for sure: the best packaging is no packaging at all. But in order for you to receive your ceramics without damage we need to take care of sufficient padding. This is the only way to avoid damage and an unnecessary second transport route.

To offset our resource consumption of paper and cardboard we donate a tree for every order to our partner organization One Tree Planted that has made global reforestation a priority.




Over the years, a small forest emerges that binds CO2 for us and the following generations, filters pollutants from the air, produces oxygen, provides shade and stores drinking water.

We usually place our tree donations where they are currently most urgently needed. But if you have a preference where your tree should grew, then send us a message using our contact form after you have placed your order. We will then try to meet your request as best as we can.


We ship CO2-neutrally

Together with our logistics partner, the Austrian Post, we can provide you with a CO2-neutral delivery of your parcel.

Of course you will also receive a tracking number to track the delivery route in detail. If you are not present on the day of delivery, you can issue a deposit permit or have your parcel delivered to a nearby parcel shop. This saves unnecessary routes and you receive your new treasures as quickly as possible. Thank you for your help!